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The only Winter Camp notifier proven to increase discussion

What is this?
This is an email notifier script for the discussion pages at the Winter Camp Website.
Discussion takes place year round using web design from the turn of the millennium. While it is easy to make posts, you can't tell if anyone else has posted anything without obsessively checking the site several times a day.
I made a script that makes the hard work easy by doing the checking for you, and sends you an email instead (since September 27, 2017!).
The script works on the assumption that you check your email more often than you check the Winter Camp website. If this is not the case for you, I doubt this script will bring you much use.

How does it work?
Simply enter your email in the box below, and fill in the captcha. Every hour, we check for any changes to the Winter Camp discussion page. If there are any, we send you an email with the changes. You can also remove your email using this same page.
The actual emailing is done by having the script log into one of my extra Gmail accounts. Therefore, I can only support a recipient list of about 50 emails before Google considers me a "spammer." If the list ever gets that big, I will develop a workaround.


2021-01-05 - Set notifier to moniter WC XLV discussion. Also fixed notifier for TheWall.
2020-01-01 - Set notifier to moniter WC XLIV discussion
2019-01-01 - Set notifier to moniter WC XLIII discussion
2018-01-01 - Set notifier to moniter WC XLII discussion
2018-08-01 - Moved this notifier and website to a brand new Raspberry Pi.

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